Cream milk

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    Cream Milk Powder

    Powdered Milk manufacture is a simple process now carried out on a large scale. It involves the gentle removal of water at the lowest possible cost under stringent hygiene conditions while retaining all the desirable natural properties of the milk – colour, flavour, solubility, nutritional value. Whole (full cream) milk contains, typically, about 87% water and skim milk contains about 91% water.

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    Instant Full Cream Milk Powder

    Our Instant Full Cream Milk Powder is highly praised in the market due to its nutritive value, natural taste and precise composition. We have employed highly skilled people to manufacture these products in a clean and hygienic environment. We are able to manage on time deliveries as we are supported by our advanced processing unit. Our people use highly innovative technology to prepare these powders. We are highly cautious that it won’t cause any health hazards.